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iPhone 12 MagSafe Charger

All right so the MagSafe charger apple’s very first wireless charger just showed up in the studio ahead of the launch of the actual iPhone 12 and because I just finished on boxing every single official case from apple and I’ve even got my very own later case for the iPhone 12 I thought this would be a good opportunity to test out the wireless charging characteristics of this charger but also its ability to interact with the magnetic system which is inside of each one of the official cases so I can kind of see the difference and see how strong the attachment is a lot of questions around picking up your phone with the charger attached and so on so anyways let’s go ahead and do it it’s a U. S. B. C. type connector also apple is kind of encouraging you to pick up their new 20 watt power brick as well but that’s a separate purchase from the MagSafe charger and then they’ve also got a secondary charger which is gonna be capable of doing your phone as well as your apple watch in one and I think sort of a fold up the cool part here is that this thing is going to work as a G. wireless Chargers so you don’t need their official cases you don’t even need the iPhone 12 you can use this with the previous generation iPhone or I don’t know even a pixel or Samsung device that supports V. G. wireless charging standard. All right so look at this little thing that they’ve definitely puts an emphasis on portability with this it’s it’s very tiny compared to other wireless Chargers and I think I was sort of the agenda especially since they did the second version it’s just kind of funny that originally they were working on that air power charger which was gonna be charge a bunch of things at once and much larger than this and then eventually they settled on something far simpler or at least 2 separate options with this being the one that seems to be getting the attention from a marketing standpoint you saw the clicks in the klaxon the magnets this just slide out it feels quite robust it’s a nice little unboxing experience it’s tiny it’s a a little tiny pock and it’s going to clip on to the back of dis it terminates into a USB type C. which is likely the reason that apple is recommending to pick up a one of their 21 Chargers because you’re not getting a charger with the next Gen iPhone you’re you’re all well aware and chances are whatever power brick you have sitting around from your previous version iPhone is not gonna be a type C. connector so anyways let’s go ahead and just check out the magnetic aspect first so this is the clear wireless charge case I’m gonna I might as well slap this on to the model iPhone 12 that I have here and the Chargers gonna slap on to the back and you can see it is magnetically there it is not the strongest connection in the World Cup it’s enough so that I can’t shake it off and this is where things are.

Hello that’s not the sound expected to make their so the. The weird thing about apple’s design decision here is that when you go to pick up your phone as you normally would off of any wireless charger you’re bringing the charger with you and this is a very deliberate decision obviously there they could have taken a different approach they could have provided some sort of. Sticky or I mean this is a totally intentionally some move metallic finish on the bottom so some people are gonna sit and say well that’s irritating it’s going to be a constant 2 handed experience with this charge however there is an advantage here which is when your using the phone you can have this just like you would a cable and keep using the phone while you’re charging which is the thing people tell me they do and I think people tell me that it that is a major drawback. Compared to just charging via a wire so yes there’s a point there and it’s true that apple makes a different charger and it’s also true that you could just put some help on here if you want it if you would prefer for it to be a stationary thing now the other. The other advantage going with magnets and he’s playing around with just how sensitive it is to the location the other advantage of going with Magnus is that you’re going to line up perfectly so you can have a more efficient wireless charge every single time the way that other manufacturers have dealt with this is with multiple coil systems so that you don’t have to be so concerned about lining it up so there’s not a vantage with the magnet as well and you should also keep in mind that these cases feature the magnet but so does the phone itself anyway let me go ahead and plug this in real quick so we can make sure that it’s functioning brings on the table this is a pretty standard type C. it’s actually a very portable type C. dual type C. fast charge power bricks so I’ll plug this in right here now this charger should be live and so I should be able to grab this iPhone this is an iPhone 11 pro and just drop it on here. And you can see we’re charging up. And funny enough. It’s sort of finds the right spot even on this iPhone 8 even through the later case which is installed on your no this is a very thin case so I can’t speak for every single case that’s out there in the world whether this will function through it but I’m just I’m I’m happy it’s not completely proprietary so you can still choose whichever case you like you can still use it with your older chi compatible devices and even if you want to reach for a device from a different brand like for example this is the new pixel 5 or your friend has a Samsung device they can just drop that on there as well and they’re charging too so it’s not difficult to line it up without the magnets being in there that actually seems pretty easy to line up so I don’t know is that an argument that you don’t maybe you don’t even need a magnet in here and see the benefit without having the magnet on your case is that you can just lift the thing up you can just and then gulp and this space on your table on your side table on your desk wherever you keep it so I’m not really sure which is the better scenario should you go with an official apple case because that’s going to stick. And then you can use it easily while it’s charging but you have the headache of every single day placing that back down I guess it’s it’s up to you it’s an option and like I said they do make that other charger if you would prefer to have if you prefer to have a different experience where it sort of sits on the table with a little bit more weight to it I’ll probably test that out sometime soon on the channel we could check the difference in the meantime these cases are gonna stick and lift up the whole thing on the next generation iPhone the cases and the phones are also going to stick but yes this is G.

compatible and it will work through thin enough cases like the later case now I should also mention this is the upcoming later case for the iPhone 12 pro Max it’s going to be there for the pro as well the regular iPhone 12 some people mentioned Hey where are the cut outs for the lidar this is a non retail unit is a prototype so if you go check the website you’ll see all the relative cut outs for all those important features they will be there in the eventual unit that ships to you but yes it will work with apple’s official wireless charging accessory and this will work with any G. compatible smartphone as well beyond iPhones and definitely with the previous generation iPhones as well this is a super portable little thing too by the way I mean that can go in your pocket which is kind of nice you can’t say that about most or at least there are many wireless Chargers that don’t really go in your pocket that easily so I’m a little undecided on my favorite wireless charger style like I said though if you do go the whole full magnet situation you can always throw some double sided tape or some velcro on there to keep it locked on the surface where you want it they’re about 30 Bucks maybe even get a couple but you get the magic you get the most efficient.

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