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Apple Watch SE Review

This is the apple watch the affordable apple watch that looks and feels almost like the CDC there are some differences obviously but I think the apple watch as he makes a lot of sense especially for people considering buying their first ever apple we discussed this in P. 6 what’s missing with the apple watch is the what the hell does it even mean and by the apple watch as he makes a lot sense so let’s get back to it okay so first off I’m sure when you think of the apple watch S. E. you kind of wonder if it happened at the cost right I mean it’s priced at 30 K. so there must be stuff missing and it is but it’s not the kind of stuff that to be. First off there’s no always on display yeah the watch kind of stays like this until you go dated lift up your are more apt to screen so that’s one thing missing well the guy who did the digital ground like this and slowly increase the brightness of the screen and then bring it back down which is just a ton of fun. There’s also none of the added features like ECG readings all the new blood oxygen measurement beach plus it uses the espy process images from last year’s apple what CD’s fight so clearly not the best process they would have. So why am I still think that this watch makes a lot of. Mostly features like ECG and blood oxygen don’t really matter to the outages I mean yeah there are probably people out there who probably need those features and for those people to the CD 6 is the watch to get but for the majority of people they don’t T. mac but they do need out features like irregular heartbeat notifications for detection stuff like that and that’s the it on the up and what is the. Not always on display something I’m sure a lot of users one and yeah that should have been there on the issue but its absence hasn’t affected.

In fact I’ve been less distracted because the walks down the speed up but still it’s something that I’m sure a lot of people would not be happy. But you know I was using the ceasefire before this but without the odds on this baby if he’s back he lost quite a bit long it lost almost 2 days on the job for me and my user and that’s what I was also using the same unit fo’c’sle that’s pretty nice if you get the GPS only version I think it might last even though. Moving on the S. 5 process now that’s something you won’t even notice believe me the CD’s fight is it really **** watch and the phones just as but I mean it has the same chips to the new S. 60 up in the C. D. 6 is even faster but the apple watch if he doesn’t feed slow or laggy. No matter what it’s a fost watch and it’s much faster than the competition of. You know the more I think about it the more I. P. SP is kind of like apple’s planned I mean think about apple brought the iPhone Essie that iPhone 6 S. as in Donald and I will buy is designed to keep the price then it gave the iPhone 8 and brought the iPhone as you do with the same design and slightly upgraded done is in the hopes of selling it. Now it is done pretty much the same thing in the outbox it gives the C. spine and brought the SP instead some cost cutting. This is apple’s plan for countries like India where they need to send devices that look on the news but coming out of budget I call it the strategic addition because apple is to be descending it’s or bought that’s not a bad plan in fact we didn’t like the iPhone as you do because it looked. And that’s not a problem with the apple watch is the. So if you’re wondering whether you should buy the apple watch is he over the CDC the answer is yes you sure can. Look with the apple watch if you will get a new design the bigger display which is obviously nice you also get the S. I. processor which is a lot faster than the CDC but more importantly the apple watch if even last a lot longer if he gets off the beach but along with that I mean the CDC will probably not get water with it next year most definitely not good what was 192020. Yeah but what if he on the other hand we be supported for a lot longer and that’s something that you should get about unless you buy an apple watch it be yet I mean spending 21000 on a watch that may not be supported next year is not a good idea in my mind moreover the apple what is he also always 80 if you want which means it’s the cheapest I would walk that supports apple’s new family set to feature in case you want to give up get it up and watch but not tonight.

In comparison to the CDC it also offers more storage or deductions aboard the second in speaker and Mike that’s in the C. D. 6 on the W. T. wireless chip with. So if you’re looking to buy your fullest apple watch the apple watch if he makes a lot it’s also a good choice to upgrade to if you’re coming from the CD’s fun or is he still. Maybe even a CC after all right would you want to get a new apple watch that’s priced lower off was pretty much all the features most people want and has the same design as the flagship I mean I’m thinking of buying the apple but you see it’s just a sense of. So yeah the album what if he makes a lot of sense it’s a modern looking watch with good specs and not a lot of missing features at 30000 bees I think the apple watch SE

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