Motorola Moto G9 Plus Review

At first glance the moto G. 9 plus has it all a large display big battery decent mid range chip as well as a quad camera system the phone also has a pretty adequate price tag selling for less than $300 but is everything really just as good as it sounds on paper hello guys my name is Vic with phone arena and the moto G. 9 plus is one pretty sturdy and also a preachy large phone with a 6.8 inch display and the body big enough to accommodate a 5000 only on board battery you’ll definitely feel it in your pocket for many people this phone might be just too big and too heavy this is definitely a plus sized device has redesigned the G. 9 plus is made all the. Plastic of the glossy kind and it catches fingerprints smudges like crazy but thankfully Motorola has included a case in the box and sold that house. We’ve also got a headphone Jack at the top of the phone there’s always a fingerprint scanner embedded in the side power button. Thank you for this fast and reliable but if you’re not a fan of it you can always go for the less secure but similarly quick face unlock the completely flat 6.8 inch LCD display has true to life colors and it is the focus of this phone but it’s not nearly quite as good as analysts ratings such as on the pixel for a for example. Yes still viewing angles are fine for an LCD screen and the motion blur often associated with those he’s place isn’t that noticeable here and display also gets plenty bright with a maximum brightness of 600 nits which helps you when you use the phone all doors. So what about performance it’s generally okay on the moto G. 9 plus thanks to the snapdragon 730 G. chip that is used on board here this is a very good mid range processor sure it’s not as snappy as the flagship chipset of course but apart from the lack of 5 G. support or the slightly longer loading times for have your apps is adequate for the price and to the gaming is also mostly okay but don’t expect exceptionally high FPS and demanding mobile games now there’s just 4 gigabytes of ram on board the device and I he was not enough especially if you juggle between many ops on the regular as they tend to result quite often. On the positive side you have 128 gigabytes of storage but thanks to the hybrid sim slot use here you can throw in a micro SD card for some extra storage as well. Now for is for the experience when you use one Motorola you basically use them all they generally sums up the software and features aspect of the G. 9 plus the nearly stock android town board here just lightly sprinkled with a few custom all the functionalities if he has the overall user experience with all standing in the way you can select the folder open the camera double chop to start the D. L. E. flash. Okay now there’s something interesting that Motorola dos here double tapping the power button and the users quickly presented with a pop up box containing up to 6 up short cuts they’re available right next to your fingertips and it’s an easy way to access some of your favorite apps and save your thumbs French here and there. Finally it’s time to talk about the ace in the sleeve the more the G. 9 plus is battery life. Large 5000 up or about to last all night long in my experience the moto G. 9 plus is easily a 2 day phone with regular to have users and could easily last you even longer our custom battery tests agree with that the device ranked at the top of our web browsing test with a score of 12:00 hours and 45 minutes he scored 11:00 hours of YouTube streaming it hit nearly 6:00 hours point 5 of 3 D. gaming those are all standing results no matter how you look at it. And charging is super fast too thanks a 30 watts of power charger that’s included inside the box the moto G. 5 plus goals from 0 to 100 percent in just an hour and 20 minutes now in terms of camera quality you get a 64 megapixel main camera it’s not quite as good as the Google pixel one which is the leading in the class but it’s a decent performer it just turned out mostly fine both colors are a bit pale and not that Buncich making some images appear both life less. And the 12 megapixel wide angle camera here does a good job especially when you have bright light. There’s also dedicated night vision camera all included for those times when you have almost no light and Sophie’s look okay to meet with just the right amount of detail and colors that make your face look good. So for the most part yes the moto G. 9 plus is surprisingly decent mid range phone with incredible battery life and good performance. Has low amylose screen which is a bit of a bummer and the cameras are not quite top notch so if you want that to make sure to check out our review of the Google pixel 48 which costs about the same as this phone here has a far superior camera system. But if you can get it for cheaper price and just want a reliable device that lasts on and on the G. 9 plus is a decent option.

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